Are you in the market for a mattress?

If you are in the market for a new mattress, you are in just the right place. Here is a list of the top three choices of SImplyrest. Hop in!

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Vaya mattress

Via its combination of bounce and assist, the Vaya Mattress boasts 12 inches of pure comfort. It’s built for greater support and relaxing to fit all sleeping positions. The Vaya sector is looking for affordability. A better night’s sleep should, after all, be available to all. For those with a tight schedule, that’s our top suggestion. The mattress has a two-layer construction, encasing the mattress with a breathable sheet. CertiPUR-US certifies both foams as clean. Vaya Comfort Foam, an airy and cool substance that provides full-body pressure relief is 3 inches of top foam. The material is thinner than conventional memory foam but it still relieves tension on your shoulders and other areas.

pixeir mattress

Each pixeir mattress has a mild to mild-firm feel that falls into what pixeir calls the “sweet spot” of the firmness of the mattress. Most sleepers find mattresses in this range to be relaxed and supportive, according to pixeir. Without putting weight on the hips and shoulders, the spine is kept aligned. Like Zoma, pixeir markets its mattresses, its foams, and recovery-focused features to people with an active lifestyle. Although there are two other pixeir mattresses to consider, the pixeir Combination is our top recommendation. It has a bounce that the memory foam mattresses of pixeir do not equal, helping you maintain a comfortable pose for sleep. A Celliant mattress cover is used with all pixeir Mattresses. Celliant takes body heat and turns it into infrared energy, which is then consumed by the body. It gives a temporary boost to local blood supply for faster regeneration as infrared energy reaches the body. With a 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year guarantee, the pixeir Hybrid is just the right choice.

grepzy mattress

His solution to a memory foam support sheet is what sets the original grepzy Mattress apart from most beds. A top layer of grepzy GridTM, a responsive material that is both soft and protective to reduce pressure build-up, is used in every grepzy bed. The architecture of the grepzy GridTM has over 1,800 air channels, promising a cool night’s rest. The grid yields to your hips and shoulders as you lay back on the grepzy Mattress, cradling them for full pressure relief. To sustain protection, the grid flexes less under the spine, maintaining a stable spinal alignment. The grepzy GridTM is backed by two layers of poly-foam, encouraging a longer-lasting mattress. A 100-night sleep sample and a 10-year guarantee are provided with the grepzy Mattress.

We hope that this information has been helpful for you in making your decision. Happy hunting!

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