Mattress that provides guarantee

The positive news is that there is a lot you can do to guarantee that your mattress provides the high standard of sleep you are looking for, whether or not you have a lot of options in sleeping on your side. The amount of firmness you need is not a hard and fast concept, as it can differ from one side of the sleeper to another.

But most side sleepers would require a mattress that is no firmer than a medium-firm, as a general rule. The explanation is that side sleepers have a lot of touch with the hips and knees, and because of these pressure points, they are more likely to end up with back and shoulder pain on a hard mattress. Conversely, with a side sleeper, a softer mattress is more comfortable because it allows the shoulders and hips to fall into it, while the mattress protects the side of the body. This results in more touch, without putting uncomfortable pressure on the hips and shoulders, between the side of the body and the bed, check it out for the amazing mattresses.

Material of the mattress

Side sleepers require a mattress that yields to the touch with unusual properties but stays strong and welcoming. This helps the shoulders and hips, while retaining proper spinal balance, to sink into the mattress. Overall, a latex mattress is the best option you could make because it is a strong block of luxury foam that makes a ‘sink in’ while also providing decent spine support.

Memory foam would be a second option, but the big thing is that in the warm Singapore atmosphere, memory foam seems to ‘sleep hot’ – and you definitely don’t want that. A spring coil mattress is the worse option for a side sleeper, so you end up lying on the top of the mattress, producing rough hip and shoulder pressure points and lacking good spinal alignment. Latex, on the other hand, would encourage the hips and shoulders to gently sink in, so there won’t be any awkward pressure points.

For a side sleeper, a decent pillow should be sturdy enough to give the head good support and not let it fall down too far. It is better to provide a dense and supportive pillow, and it also has to be thick enough for the head to keep even with the spine. To satisfy these demands, a latex pillow is an excellent option. In comparison, with a silicone pad, you would enjoy the extra warmth you’ll find. This is not the most popular form of pillow that people get, but for comfort, it does provide the best.

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